Top 11 SASE Vendors for 2023 and 2024

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) helps enterprises securely connect today’s workforce, which may be in a main office, branch office, mobile, or working from home. There are many offerings on the market today. Here is our compilation of the top SASE vendors to consider.

Why Choose a SASE Vendor?

No matter where a person, device, or site is located, SASE helps provide connectivity services while layering on advanced security services, including Zero Trust capabilities.

An enterprise may take a do-it-yourself approach to implementing SASE, but the complexity is often too much to handle. It involves integrating numerous SASE components that combine Secure Service Edge and WAN Edge Services. Most enterprises do not have the required expertise in all areas. Even if they do, the drain on resources diverts staff and budget from core business functions.

As a result, most enterprises are turning to SASE vendors to build, deliver, and manage services. One sticking point is that the term SASE vendor is a bit ill-defined. A SASE vendor might be a traditional WAN and remote connectivity services provider that has bundled cloud-based security offerings into one solution. Or it might be a traditional WAN security solution provider (e.g., a firewall, secure web gateway, cloud-access security broker, or VPN supplier) that makes its offerings available with a WAN services partner. Or it can be anything in between.

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