Podcast: What Makes AI Different from Other Tech Hype?

The market has seen its share of fleeting gizmos as well as longer lasting innovation. Right now, AI and large language models are top of mind across most every industry and business, with organizations scrambling to find ways to leverage the technology — or at least show they plan to.

Hype trends come and go, with novel tech either becoming commodified or abandoned to the junk drawer.

AI is seeping into many markets, sometimes in questionable use cases, and it seems impossible to escape its reach. In a lot of ways, AI was at work behind the scenes for years and the masses did not pay much attention. All of that changed when ChatGPT made its presence known, putting the power of AI in the public’s hands, as well as triggering a race to build upon this technology even more.

Is the AI hype trend different from others, or is it bound to follow the usual patterns at the end of the day?

James Barrood, who heads up Innovation+, which is a global community of entrepreneurs and innovators, will help break down this topic in this episode of DOS Won’t Hunt, as we explore what the AI hype trend means for business.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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