One Tool to Rule Them All: How the Next Generation Does Cybersecurity

Technology has always moved remarkably fast. New inventions have made revolutionary impacts in our personal as well as our professional lives. One area that seems to always be a step behind these developments is cybersecurity. Network protection has always seemed to function as an afterthought, whether it was the addition of a packet-filtering firewall or definition-based virus protection, the security mechanisms of the past have always been a laggard in the technology arena.

There are multiple possible reasons for this apparent slowness. The cybersecurity profession is still fairly new, with more available jobs than there are trained personnel to fill them. Related to this is the amount of time that it takes to become proficient in the field. This skills gap has resulted in high rates of burnout among cybersecurity professionals. However, perhaps the most relevant possible cause is that the industry has always been reactive rather than proactive. After all, it is hard to anticipate a cybercrime that hasn’t occurred yet. Or is it?

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