IT Leaders are at a Crossroads – It’s Time They Demand More

In a post-pandemic world, not only are the jobs of IT leaders more difficult than they’ve ever been, but the complexity of the issues they are dealing with on a day-to-day basis is multiplying at an unsustainable rate. It’s only logical that there’s going to be a major shakeup in how IT leaders get work done, given the current environment and how broken the system is for so many.  

We recently surveyed 230 senior-level IT leaders around the globe — those who are making key IT purchasing decisions — and it was abundantly clear that they are investing further in cloud services. In fact, 98% of IT leaders said they were planning to increase their dependence and investment in cloud services. Similarly, 98% said that hybrid work has increased the need for new network and security solutions, with 97% needing hybrid work plans immediately or within the next 12 months. Legacy providers will have you believe that employees going back to the office is a major reason for their declining performance numbers. Whether or not that’s true, it points to the fact that they’re ill-prepared for the shift that has taken place in the enterprise. No matter where employees are working from, enterprises need network connectivity and cybersecurity that’s easy to consume, scalable, flexible, reliable, secure, and underpinned by excellent customer support to ensure their businesses can be successful today.

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