Adapting to the Cloud Era of Cybersecurity: How CISO’s Priorities Are Evolving

Cybersecurity has been rapidly moving to the cloud, driving organizations to cloud-based solutions from third-party vendors instead of self-owned and maintained network security devices and software. One such cloud offering is Secure Access Service Edge, which is based on a combination of Software-Defined Wide Area Network, Security Service Edge, and Zero Trust Network Access. This service offers scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and innovation and enables organizations to support remote work, cloud migration, and digital transformation initiatives in ways non-cloud-delivered technologies cannot.

But these new technologies also bring some challenges and risks to organizations from complexity, compliance, and governance. SSE and ZTNA offerings (by design) do not allow enterprises to have control over versions and upgrades that they would normally have when managing their own network security appliances (e.g., firewalls). And SSE and ZTNA offerings are likely to have different (hopefully better) security standards and practices than an enterprise’s in-house cybersecurity program.

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